Tips for English and Arabic Translation

In UAE, you are mostly required to submit all official documents in Arabic. That’s why most people and businesses are always in search of reliable english and arabic translation services. Whether you have books, certificates, brochures, websites, reports, or any other document that requires translation from/English or Arabic, you need to understand some basics of translation. In this post, we have gathered some basic rules and tips for translating that must be considered before beginning your translation assignment.

Consider Dialects

There are as many as 19 dialects of Arabic that vary from region to region. So, when translating from Arabic or to the Arabic language, you need to ascertain which dialect you are required to translate. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is a standard variety of Arabic that is used for texts and on websites as well. Similarly, the English language has several dialects across regions with a notable difference in those spoken in Australia and New Zealand. However, Arabic remains difficult to comprehend in different dialects. An Arabic-Speaking person in Morocco may have difficulty understanding an Arabic-Speaking person from Syria.

Difference between Languages

The is a huge difference between the English language and the Arabic language in terms of expression. To translate, it is better to understand the context of the text instead of going for literal translation. Translating from word to word could change the meaning of the text altogether. Moreover, English features 26 alphabets while in Arabic, there are 28 alphabets. Some of these alphabets have no alternative in the other language.

Right to left (RTL) capability

The other important factor to consider is that Arabic is read from right to left. If your website is developed on left to right pattern without any flexibility, it may not be able to host the Arabic text. So, if you are translating the text to use on the website, you need to make your website capable of handling RTL texts. The translation of brochures or booklets has to be considered accordingly.


Whether you are using the translated text for a website or other document, you should know that the translated part may be shorter or longer than the original text. This means you may need to have additional documents or space to include more pages in your book or website. It can also have an impact on the overall cost of the assignment.

Cultural Appropriation

While translating, it is important to understand the difference between the two rich cultures. Arabic has its values concerning its culture and norms. While transiting, cultural appropriation should be considered and such expressions should be avoided that are not widely accepted. If you are in search of reliable and professional services for translation in dubai, reach out to us at Bel Araby Translations.