At Belaraby, we promise our customers the speed of delivery, with cost effective service and transparent pricing. We deliver on our promise by adopting advanced technology, effective project management, and multilayer of checks.
We have three types of services, based on methodology used and the add-on services provided, namely:


Basic Service

In this service we provide simplistic approach where we translate the source text into the target language leveraging AI translation and reviewed by human to ensure the soundness of the translation. This is an excellent service where the source file is plain text, with minimal formatting requirement, and the client is only interested in the translation for the sake of his own understanding.


Advanced Service

This is an excellent service for clients who are looking for translation of documents that will be submitted to a third party. In this service we add two more layers of control, represented with a reviewer who is from business background, and native language proofreader to ensure the soundness of the target language. Also, a dedicated project manager will be available to ensure the timely delivery of the project.


Premium Service

The premium service would follow the same methodology of the advanced service but would include an additional layer for the re-design and format of the target document. This redesign may be essential in documents where the direction of the target language is different to the source, whether from right-to-left or left-to-right. This is an ideal service where the deliverable is a PPT document and would require flipping and redesign of the slides.